Gigamall Shopping Center, addressed on 240 - 242 Pham Van Dong Blvd, Hiep Binh Chanh Ward, Thu Duc City, HCM City, was officially launched since January 12, 2019. With a total floor area spanning over 110,000sqm and including two basements, 7 above-ground floors and 1 terrace to cater to shopping, entertainment, and office leasing, GIGAMALL is expected to become a destination for new experience, various choices for consumers from the east of the city and other areas in proximity.

GIGAMALL is one of a few retails project integrated with commerce and entertainment. We are a new style shopping center – a great combination of shopping and entertainment experience – Shop Entertainment, which is currently a world’s trend. With our message "Enjoy every moment", GIGAMALL provide not only diverse experience and various utilities for shoppers, but also a friendly leisure space for children and a relaxation place for family.

GIGAMALL pioneered the integration of technology with services and entertainment to give shoppers with a fresh experience. Right from the building’s main hall, customers can enjoy the LED chandelier called Di.Crystal combining with the interactive LED floor, which are the unique technology significance to be presented first ever in Vietnam and provide impressive performances of light animations and sounds.

One highlight at GIGAMALL is JP World – a high-tech interactive entertainment center with a floor area of 1,500sqm to apply interactive visual technology first ever appeared in Vietnam. Well-known as “the vision wizard”, 3D mapping technology create a mysterious and magnificent space for audiences. Performances that only available in the world’s big centers in Singapore, Japan, Europe now came into reality for Vietnamese. Thanks to owning the technology, seasonal contents, this entertainment complex is expected to be a playground of new experience for all ages.

Secret Garden, which was inspired by a Hologram animal circus model in Germany and created a Holo Gallery in JP World Center, is an example of entertainment technology combined with virtual reality recreation. The Interactive and Augmented Climbing Wall is a children's mountain climbing club.

Especially, J. PARK – Jurassic Park located at GIGAMALL’s Floor 6 is the first theme park in a shopping center which was exquisitely constructed to revive lively the nature of the earth in in ancient time. Also, simultaneously interact fully with all the senses of visitors by applying technology, meticulously integrated sound and lights. J.PARK opens an entertaining journey accumulated with world-class technological educational values. Moreover, a network of entertainment services for a wide range of customers such as: CGV Cinemas of international standards, Dome Theater with 720-degree projection technology, recreation and sport playgrounds such as Jump Arena, JP Bowling Game, tiNiWorld, Rainbow Fun, etc.

Cuisine Paradise – the gathering of Asian – European best flavors with world-class restaurant brands such as “Hotpot King” Haidilao, Pizza 4P’s restaurant, Asiana Food Town, Golden Gate, Red Sun chain restaurants, Sen Hồng Food court, etc. that diversifies F&B industry and create irresistible charm in Asian – European cuisine ecosystem at Gigamall shopping center.

Shopping paradise – the assembly of high-class brands. Nationally and globally well-known supermarkets and retailer brands all gather at Gigamall. Particularly, CoopXtra hyper-supermarket, Giga Market supermarket, Electronics and Furniture supermarkets such as Dien May Cho Lon, Kohnan Japan, Kymdan, etc. as well as several domestic and global fashion, cosmetics brands from Japan, Korea, Britain, America, etc.

Owning the designs, floor layouts, and tenant plans with the goal of meeting all consumer needs and improving their experience. As a result, GIGAMALL is a one-stop shop for all of the needs of Vietnamese in general and inhabitants from the surrounding areas in particular.